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as started in 2008


In spring of 2008, the Institute was ready to launch our joint vision for the Mama MA-URI Project and Training Programme. Four MA-URI women were selected and invited into the Project Group with Helle Hestbjerg, Denmark, as the fifth member taking on the role and responsibility of Project leader.

The Project is based on ideas and research done by Helle Hestbjerg since the year 2000, when she applied to the Institute for permission to work with MA-URI in relation to pregnant women and the relationship between new mothers and their babies. Helle went through a 7-year period with individual coaching and challenges added to her MA-URI training to get her ready and fine-tuned to take on the role as the Mama MA-URI Project leader. In 2008 it was time to define the visions for Mama MA-URI and its development; it was time to create the training programme and get ready to launch this project!

In terms of the Project Group, the purpose hereof is to follow the principles and Spirit of MA-URI as it manifests itself through experiences gained in working with pregnant women and their husbands, with new mothers and their babies. The elements of the Project are:

MA-URI Pregnant Massage where new techniques have been accessed and developed in cooperation between Katja Fox and Helle Hestbjerg;

MA-URI Prenatal classes, where pregnant women and/or couples are introduced to selected dances, self massage techniques and some key principles of MA-URI;

MA-URI Baby Touch, the special baby massage that was brought as a gift through Helle’s youngest daughter and now is under development in cooperation between Helle and Katja;

MA-URI Postnatal classes, where mothers are introduced to MA-URI Baby Touch, selected MA-URI dances and principles

The work of the Project Group will naturally lead to further developments within each area. All work will be developed in close co-operation with the Institute.

The Group members are also being trained to teach the Mama MA-URI techniques and principles to MA-URI practitioners in their country through the Mama MA-URI Workshop Programme as described below.


The Mama MA-URI Workshop Programme

The Mama MA-URI Workshops are offered to female MA-URI practitioners (Module 3 graduates) who wish to be able to offer Pregnant Massage as part of their clinic practice and/or who wish to work with prenatal and postnatal issues from a MA-URI perspective. This Workshop Programme is primarily for women who have been pregnant and given birth themselves – this to ensure that the practitioners can guide and speak from their own personal experiences.

At this moment in time the Workshop Programme consists of three workshops:


Part 1: Pregnant Massage for Clinic Practice. (Requirement: Module 3)

This workshop gives the participants an opportunity to work with their own experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, the concept being: Deal with your own issues FIRST – then you will be ready to work with other women. The techniques for the MA-URI Pregnant Massage will be taught and opportunities given to gain sufficient practice to do this kind of work.


Part 2: Prenatal work (Requirement: Module 3)

This workshop deals with pregnancy and focuses on preparing a woman for birth-giving at a deeper level, using MA-URI dances, massage techniques and MA-URI principles and working from all 4 worlds of understanding. The aim is that the participants will be equipped to work with pregnant women and with couples in prenatal classes. The very important questions to be addressed is: 1) How to inspire the women to take responsibility for their own labor and make conscious choices about how they want to welcome their child into this world and inspire the husbands to take active part in the process.


Part 3: Postnatal work (Requirement: Module 3)

This workshop deals with postnatal issues, mainly the very close and special relationship between mother and infant. MA-URI approaches to the consciousness of babies are applied and the key concept is that our children are our teachers. The participants will be taught the techniques of MA-URI Baby Touch for the purpose of enabling them to instruct mothers in this very special and beautiful way of communicating with their baby. The postnatal work aims at helping mothers to use the full potential of their maternal leave for self-development – i.e. for their own benefit as well as for their baby and the whole family.

With the experiences from her 7-year Mama MA-URI training period, Helle will be the teacher in the first workshops in each country. When they are ready, then some of the other project members will take over this role in their respective countries. Each workshop will be a 6-day workshop. All Mama MA-URI Workshops will be run under the auspices of the Institute and have input and supervision provided by Katja Fox. The Institute will issue licenses to qualified students.


Mama MA-URI Workshop PART 1 in 2008

The first Part 1 Mama MA-URI workshop was held in Hungary in September-October 2008. This was a week of great fun and very sincere work. A very fine group of Hungarian MA-URI practitioners have now qualified to offer MA-URI Pregnant Massage as part of their clinic practice.

This workshop drew attention to a genuine need for a special workshop for women who have not yet experienced pregnancies and childbirths themselves, but who wish to process and heal personal birth experiences and fears associated with getting pregnant. We shall be looking into this possibility for 2009/2010.


Mama MA-URI Workshops in AUGUST 2009 and in 2010

In 2009 another Part 1 workshop is planned for Poland and it will take place at ‘4 Winds’, MA-URI Training Centre in Poland from 1st – 6th August 2009 with Helle as the Instructor and Maria Kwiecien-Przekorzynska as the facilitator and translator. If the interest is there, one will be offered again in Hungary and another in Scandinavia as well. The first Part 2 workshop is likely to take place in Hungary in 2010 when more Hungarian students have had a chance to participate in the Kaitinana Training in Feb./March 2010. This will qualify them for participation in Part 2 of the Mama MA-URI Workshop Programme.

May the memories and KNOWING of our life-giving powers be activated from within us
As gifts from our Ancestors to liberate and expand who and what we are as mothers – and
As gifts from our Inner Essence to empower the lives of our Descendants!
Kia Ora!

Helle Hestbjerg, Friland – November 2008[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”108″ alignment=”center” border_color=”grey” img_link_large=”” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”643×227″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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