The basic principle we practice is this:
By nurturing the spiritual element in everything, be it in a physical object, a mountain or tree, an expression of kindness or in a song or prayer, we begin to nurture also our own Spiritual Essence and our whole world of understanding expands. Everything we do and say begins to take on a deeper meaning and to have much more far-reaching consequences than ever before. 

Just to make it clear: MA-URI is not concerned with a religious approach to life. The aspiration is to discover the nature of SACREDNESS and to find sacredness within us and in everything around us. In our focus on spirituality we seek to awaken the Spirit within and allow it to express itself freely and joyfully.

When we shift into a state of sacredness we relax and our prayers allow us to find peace within, to centre ourselves and let deeper insights unfold in subtle yet unmistakable ways. It is a state of being that allows us to expand our ‘humanness’ and manifest our spiritual nature. It allows us to speak from the heart in resonance with the longing of our soul and the unlimited capacity of our spirit.

Through prayers we can bring our lives into a dimension of mystery and innocent perception; a dimension where daily concerns fade away and we are taken into a space of reverence and celebration of the Divine and of Life itself. Prayers place us in a purposeful Universe where our contributions matter and where we are intimately connected with all of Creation, with Ancestors and Descendants, with the Sun and Moon, with Mother Earth and with every large and tiny twinkling Star above.

Therefore, we are encouraged to realise our inseparable connection to ‘All that IS’ and to celebrate our Oneness with God – and to do so joyfully and with humour; NOT weighed down by the magnitude of such realisation, but uplifted by the simplicity and sheer joy of such Oneness!

We are connected with everything. We are never alone; WE BELONG!
Through our prayers we persuade such connectedness and purposefulness to manifest!



Dear God,
There is a wind that sweeps across ancestral land,
Shifting sand, suspending time,
Opening gateways for my soul to unite:
To unite with YOU!

Dear God,
RIDE the wind with me,
The wind that sweeps across ancestral land,
Whispering tales of memories lost and love regained.

SAIL with me and let the horizon entice and evade us,
Sail with me and let your Divine breath
Fill our sail and take us to where Mystery hides.

SING with me and let our song call out the Stars to shine on cloudy days;
Sing with me and let us touch the hearts of humble souls and
Rock the boats too comfortably tied to the wharf.

Dear God,
Come meet me at the doorway between our worlds,
MEET me where the Rainbow reaches down
From the Heavens to embrace the Earth.

It is here – it is here
Revelation draws near
To remind and assure us: Kei runga, kei raro – kei waho, kei roto,

Separation is the illusion
ONEness the eternal Truth!

Dear God,
Holding this knowing close to our Hearts,
We now stand centered within our Universe,
Remaining calm as the wind sweeps fiercely across the land,
Shifting sand, unveiling Love untouched by Time;
Untouched by illusions and fears;
TOUCHED by Your Love!


© Katja Fox, ‘MA-URI Prayers to Celebrate the Divine’ – 2013.

2015 MA-URI Institute – Centre for MA-URI Healing Arts, Denmark and New Zealand. All rights reserved.

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