by Katja Fox

This long-awaited book was printed here in New Zealand in March 2022 and copies are joyfully ‘taking flight’ and heading north across the wide and mighty Pacific, the ‘Ocean of Peace’, to reach the many eager hands and open minds of so many students. For news about this exciting development, please visit my FB site, Katja Fox, and read the postings here. To order your copy of the book, just send me your order by email, institute@mail.dk, and I’ll be happy to provide you with all details and have your order sent off to you. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity we now have to share with you the sacred teachings and principles that make MA-URI and its self-healing arts so life-changing and magical. Through the storytelling and sharing of profound experiences, you’ll find heart, hope and humour added to this pathway of destiny that MA-URI has taken us on for 30 years now!


by Katja Fox

This book was printed in October 2013 in Lithuania and launched in sacredness at a blessing ceremony where the umbilical chord between ‘creator and creation’ was cut. The purpose hereof was to acknowledge the ancestors and all spiritual energies that had contributed to the whole process of writing this book. Secondly, the purpose now was to set the book free to travel and become part of the lives and spiritual practices of people around the world. This happened at a Healing Weekend held in Lithuania for a special group of MA-URI students and trainers.

The book briefly sums up what MA-URI is and gives an introduction to the spiritual aspects we give attention in MA-URI, like in the chapters on ‘Why we Pray and seek the Sacred’ and ‘How we Pray and create Beacons of Light’. Each of these chapters is followed by 12 Evening Prayers. These prayers illustrate the focuses that uplift and inspire us in MA-URI and in our personal lives. In the Epilogue, a glimpse is given of where MA-URI is heading and what insight is ready to be revealed.

The book has been made available for purchase at MA-URI workshops held in Europe and in NZ until 2020. It is now in the process of being updated and upgraded so a Second Edition can be launched.


–  ‘Yesterday I took your Book of MA-URI Prayers with me to read it in my quiet clinic room. And all of a sudden, the REALITY of the “Highest Possible QUALITY” of this Creation struck the whole of my Being. There was no doubt about it, no words to express it all, no place for judgemental thinking about this or that (like the details you mentioned). How could you have any concerns?

The REALITY is that it is an expression of spirituality as we practice it in MA-URI.

There are many sources we can learn about techniques, philosophy and approaches from. There are many occasions we can learn about the elements we practice in MA-URI, but this…this is a unique SOURCE of crystal clear and nurturing Waters of Spirit which IS the core of MA-URI.

Occasions to experience such purity and abundance of the Source are SO rare. Evening Prayers are one of them; magical ones. But only reading them again and noticing all the poetry, all the beautiful associations, all the worlds of connections you SEE and USE, allows us to dive deeper. Thank you for THAT!

At the same time, I had this reflection about how much of the deeper meaning in such Prayers we loose if we do not understand enough English, if we fall asleep or if we are not connected with the inner landscape behind the words. So this book is like another Blessing.’

From a MA-URI graduate in Norway:

Vet ikke hvor jeg skal begynne..  ‘ordløs’, fyllt av en takknemlig stillhet, samtidig boblende full av fornemmelser og begeistret over denne gaven.  Dette kunstverk fyllt av varme, skjønnhet, humor, liv…. nærende, utfordrende, helende…   Vakkert , transformerende… ‘ SPIRIT, gently, refreshing, deeply nurturing, travels and penetrates through everything ‘ …

Tusen takk Katja og GRATULERER! Å bli omfavnet på denne måte er en gave.

From a MA-URI student in Lithuania:

– ‘Thank you for this wonderful book, which is every day with me. I already read it and every evening your Prayers fill my thoughts and they fill me with thankfulness for the day. In certain Prayers I find answers to various questions or uncertainties. They differ and the Prayers come to help. They teach me to thank God, to express myself and to Pray.

Your Blessings and Prayers are a big contribution to us all. I read them every day, I choose to read several and different ones. I read them out loud. One day it seems that one Prayer is my favourite one, another day I see that another Prayer helps me more and I feel this is the one; then third day situation differs and I find that other Prayers fill me in. I read different parts of the Prayers a couple of times and translate them aloud to myself so that I can hear the sounds and words in my Mother tongue. And at the same time I understand that it is not so easy to translate ….

I need to feel every word I read, and the Spirit that I feel and God that I feel, they all are so great, so powerful and so close to every move, every sight and every thought I greet on my Way. In your Prayers you put all this majesty and greatness of Life, Belief and Gratitude into words, into your poetry of Life and breath. … I lack words to explain things I understand in my everyday life, so I have the Book near me and I read and quote the lines, which gave me answers or light in certain situations… every Prayer is about Love, about Gratitude, about our Being and process in Life, about difficulties and questions and about illusions and Truth; about things of the Day and of the Night, about God and Spirit, about being all together as One.’

From a MA-URI graduate in Poland:

Thank you for this magnificent collection of Prayers. Every word flows so easily and sacredly to the bottom of my heart. Reading it I can feel this sacred connection to everything around me: in the evening and in the morning with my every cell and breath. Blessed be your Heart and Mind, blessed be every Word and Message coming from your Spirit.

I have to share with you also that I saw you in a vision conc. the birth of the Children of Matariki. In this vision I saw that you washed them in clean water and Jeshua passed every child on to you to be cleansed and washed. You wore a wine-red clothing and it lasted for 3 days. I think that you were asked to cleanse the children because of our MA-URI dances and our understanding of their need to forgive the tragedy that happened in their reality.

You believed and your Prayers were and are so important to them. It does matter what we do here on earth! Kia Ora!’

From a Lithuanian MA-URI trainer:

I really appreciate your Prayer book. Every evening becomes totally different when I read the evening prayers. There is so much to learn from them and so many hints and answers to find in this book. Each time as I read it, I find something new. Each time I am really impressed and they do wonderful changes in my life just like the Blessings.

From a special friend in Poland:


The book is SO BEAUTIFUL! Everything in it!!

I have read half of the Prayers plus chapters of introduction and explanations already, and some of them I have read in the darkness of my sacred room just to be in the mood and environment that reminds me of the original situations that those prayers were spoken in. Also, to be able to hear the VOICE of the message.

It nurtures the Spirit, rocks gently the Soul, comforts the Body and brings feelings of recognition to the Heart.’  Kia Ora!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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