The name ‘MA-URI’ was created in 1991 by Hemi Fox to give identity and focus to the development of a modern medium or healing system that has its roots in Polynesian practices and follows the ancient principles of self-mastery.

True to its Polynesian roots, there are many layers of meaning encoded within each syllable and within every possible combination of consonant and vowels. Let’s see what happens when we look into a few layers of meaning that are kept within the syllables of this particular name.

One translation into English of ‘MA-URI’ gives us the explanation that it is the ‘descendant or child of the white light’, i.e. the offspring coming from the Stars, from Matariki (c: the Polynesian name for the Pleiades), which supplies us with a reference to its spiritual Source. For further details on a similar concept read for instance the story in Serge King’s book, Kahuna Healing, pp. 11-16. Another encoded meaning is the ‘descendant or offspring that is free of prohibitions’, i.e. free of inner restrictions or limitations. In Maori ‘uri’ means descendant or offspring and some of the meanings of ‘ma’ are: white or white light and clean/pure and free.

So MA-URI can now be defined as a manifestation or expression of a sacred life principle or essence, derived from and sustained by the energies of Matariki and offered to mankind by way of Polynesian ancestors.

The different layers of meaning suggest answers to the existential question: Who are you? When we address this question to MA-URI and ask, Who are you, MA-URI?, we are given a glimpse into its very nature as well as a glimpse into the whakapapa or genealogy of MA-URI. The Polynesian concept is that you are the living essence and manifestation of all your ancestors. So if you wish to get to know a person, then study his or her genealogy and you will know.

When we take a closer look at the translations, they imply that the origin of MA-URI, the ‘Source’, is to be found within the realm of the stars of Matariki/Pleiades. From mythology and legends we learn that its Essence, its blueprint or DNA was taken to the Earth, to Lemuria in particular, and was anchored within certain people of this continent. The Polynesians, amongst others, became the Keepers of the frequency of this essence and within the DNA of their bodies were hidden the key to accessing this ‘taonga’ (c: treasure).

Through the whakapapa, i.e. genetically, it was passed on from generation to generation and the ‘kete’ – i.e. the basket holding the gift of Sacred Knowledge – was given into the hands of the ancestors and the knowledge was stored within the DNA of the bodies of each next, living generation. Through the translation of MA-URI as ‘the descendant or offspring that is free of prohibition, free of inner restrictions and limitations’ we are given a glimpse of what is passed on to us through this sacred gift, this taonga. We are offered nothing less than the KEY to Freedom in its widest and deepest meaning – namely the freedom that comes from fully knowing who you are, what you are, where you come from and where you are going. Another way of putting it is that this taonga provides a body of knowledge, a key to a way of being that enables a person to be in total mastery of his or her own life, totally connected and attuned to everything in Creation.

It has been and continues to be the Institute’s job to access and bring forth the principles and wisdom of this taonga and to create the techniques and methods as well as formulate the ‘manual’, that will make this wisdom understandable and applicable for people today.

The name MA-URI has been copyrighted by the Institute. As a consequence, the right to use this name belongs to the Institute where the name was created. This right is shared with students and trainers of MA-URI who honour the standards, the ethics and principles as set out by the Institute. Kia Ora!

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