The following list contains books that have inspired us and contributed to our understanding of life. Creating this list gives us a welcomed opportunity to pay tribute to the authors who have fuelled our passion and satisfied the curiosity of our students for deeper insight into the cultural and spiritual background of MA-URI.

Tamara Hrehoreczak-Stephens, ‘Abraham Kawai’i – A brief history of the man, the kahuna, and kahuna bodywork’.  Published in 2012.

THIS is the book we all have been waiting for! It is therefore with much love and appreciation that we pay tribute to Tamara, for her achievements and for her great efforts in continuing Kahu’s work and adding her wisdom to the teachings. It is a beautiful book and one every student of MA-URI will surely treasure. You can order a copy through www.napuaolohe.com as well as through www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk.

Justyna Rychlewska-Suska, ‘MA-URI. Dar Zycia I Moc Kreacji – Wewnetrzna podróz ku swiadomemu poczeciu i zyciu w wolnosci.’ Published in 2012 and at the moment available only in Polish.

The title translates as, ‘MA-URI. The Gift of Life and the Power of Creation – Inner Journey Towards Conscious Conception and Freedom in Life.’  We pay warm tribute to Justyna, our Polish Trainer, for sharing her personal experiences gained in the area of conscious conception. The book explains how she combined the application of MA-URI principles, a deep trust in her own inner knowing and the ability to bring into her life the knowledge of ancient Polynesian traditions. A significant book, indeed! 




This long-awaited book is ready to be shared in March 2022 – or as soon as the new website, www.ma-uri-books, has been set up for the ordering and payment of this book as well as details conc. shipment. We shall let you know through FB and the new website. It will be announced also here on www.ma-uri.org under NEWS.


The following list contains the most important books we have been working with in MA-URI as back-ground reading for students. More will be added to the list as needs and the curiosity in students arise:

John Patterson,  ‘People of the Land – a Pacific Philosophy.’ Published at Dunmore Press Ltd, Palmerston North, NZ in 2000.

John Patterson,  ‘Exploring Maori Values.’  Published at Dumore Press Ltd, Palmerston North, NZ in 1992.

Cleve Barlow,  ‘Tikanga Whakaaro – Key Concepts in Maori Culture.’ Oxford University Press, NZ 1991, 1996.

Maori Marsden,  ‘The Woven Universe – Selected writings of Rev. Maori Marsden.’ Published in NZ in 2003. Available through www.fishpond.com.

David Lewis:  ‘We the Navigators: Ancient Art of landfinding in the Pacific.’ Published in USA in 1994. Available through www.fishpond.com.

Poul Moon:  ‘The Tohunga Journal: Hohepa Keropa.’  Published in NZ in 2008. Available through www.fishpond.com.

Martha Warren Beckwith: The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant.’ Published in USA in 1986 and 2011.

Leinany Melvile: Children of the Rainbow: The Religions, Legends and Gods of Pre-Christian Hawaii.’ Published by Quest Books USA in 1969. Available through www.amazon.com.

Laura K. Yardley, The Heart of Huna.’ Published by Advanced NeuroDynamics in 1991.

David R Hawkins,  ‘Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment.’Published in USA in 2006. Available through amazon.com and fishpond.com.

David R Hawkins, ‘Power vs Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour.’  Published in USA in 2002 and 2012. Available through amazon.com and fishpond.com.

F. Batmanghelidj, ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.’ Available through www.watercure.com.

Glenda Green, ‘Love Without End – Jesus Speaks’. The expanded World Edition, Spiritis Publishing 2010. Available through www.lovewithoutend.com

Glenda Green,  ‘The Keys of Jeshua’ (Second Edition) available through lovewithoutend.com.

Anita Moorjani, ‘Dying to be Me – My Journey from Cancer; to Near Death to True Healing’. Published by Hay House 2012 available through amazon.com. and fishpond.com.

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