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Amongst its many contributions, MA-URI offers a spiritual healing system, which has its roots in Polynesian principles and practices designed to facilitate profound transformation within a person. One of the media used in this process is a form of Bodywork which combines Hawaiian style dance movements with long rhythmical strokes to enhance the energy flow within the body and mind. Through the power of heightened awareness and deep connectedness, through breath and the application of sacred touch these movements are then intensified by a Maori focus on action and instant effectiveness. This causes a whole new range of movements to be accelerated not just within the physical body. It is accelerated also within beliefs, memories and emotions and extending into the person’s relationships, finances and job situations.

Throughout the development of MA-URI Healing Arts, certain techniques and approaches have been selected and fine-tuned to suit a modern reality and to take into consideration the differences between Polynesian and Western cultures. Similarly, the teaching methods and the progressive approach in the Training Program reflect the adaptation of ancient principles to our modern way of life.

MA-URI Healing Arts apply a spiritual approach that joins together the realities of all ‘4 Worlds of Perception’. It is based on a philosophy of life that operates from a level of consciousness which brings WHOLENESS into our lives through the powers of our Heart and Spirit. It does so by uncovering the important connections that build the ‘Web of Life’ we are part of. Therefore, the very essence of MA-URI is concerned with seeing, expanding and nurturing ‘RELATIONSHIPS’. This is so in order that we may find and understand our PLACE and role within the greater reality of Creation, realize our inseparable connection with ‘All that IS’ and celebrate our Oneness with God.

When we use terms like ‘healing’ or ‘therapy’ in connection with some aspects of MA-URI, it is important to understand that these terms reflect a modern focus. The terms were non-existing in the Polynesian languages. This reveals that they were not given emphasis or importance per se in these cultures. More than anything else, what mattered was to learn to MASTER one’s physical and emotional realities; one’s mental and spiritual realities. And the reward or positive ‘side-effect’ was that inner centeredness and healing took place! In other words, healing was seen as the natural outcome and consequence of mastering the different aspects of our reality.

What we have seen glimpses of since 2012 is that instant self-healing becomes a reality when we succeed in shifting our consciousness to the highest frequencies of Love. In that state of radiant being, all imbalances, fears and conflicts melt away and the nature of miraculous instant healing is revealed! Truly awesome, indeed!

Because MA-URI is deeply rooted in Polynesian navigator and kahuna/tohunga traditions, it is important to understand that its principles and approaches are developed so they become applicable to ANY situation and to every relationship in our lives – not just to a healing focus.

In MA-URI this is reflected in the training: No matter what desire or motivation students may have for their participation in this training, they are going to learn how to activate their inner resources, develop a strong and healthy body, heal experiences of the past, expand any limiting beliefs and discover that their spiritual identity is based within the Heart. All the fundamental tools and principles are made available so each person can activate and unfold their full potential, begin to make conscious choices and thus focus on fulfilling their unique purpose in life. This may be as an artist, accountant, gardener or lawyer; it may be as a practitioner of MA-URI Healing Arts, a doctor, nurse or teacher or as a resource person within the local community. Whatever your choice may be, the bag of tools and the level of consciousness you’ll walk away with after your training: It is all there to make your journey a truly rewarding and fulfilling one! Kia Ora![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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