The ‘lockdown period’ of 2019+2020 offered us and our trainer team significant opportunities to take MA-URI and ourselves beyond familiar focuses and approaches … and towards true self-healing, personal transformation and mastery of emotional, mental and spiritual realities. It is in deep sincerity and sacredness that we welcome these opportunities as a way to offer students truly special and magical experiences through their training in MA-URI and its healing arts – also in the future!

The New Program has been developed to serve the purpose of joining together Polynesian wisdom traditions with discoveries made in modern times concerning the infinite possibilities we are given access to through the ‘Quantum Field’. Why? So profound healing and a shift in consciousness may happen through a process of self-transformation, i.e. ‘through the power of Love and through the power of the Divine!’

Each year we endeavour to take our understanding and approaches ‘up a notch or two’ and to expand our perceptions, so we may serve the requirements of this Transition Period that we and the rest of humanity are taking part in and offering our contributions to. Our vision is this: By creating a Oneness which brings together the wisdom of the Past and the discoveries of the Present, we may serve the Future in new and truly empowering ways!

In support of this vision, the book on MA-URI was ready to be launched in March 2022 under the title, ‘MA-URI – Unfolding Its Secrets’. It is quickly becoming a treasured contribution to all who continue to hold MA-URI close to their hearts and who continue to practice and share its gifts and benefits with others. By adding heart, hope and humour to the teachings, as shared in this book, it has become a source of inspiration to students, practitioners and new Teachers … AND slowly moving beyond MA-URI circles. The communities we introduced to its healing arts in the past, i.e. as through our Kaitinana workshops and Open House Events here in Aotearoa, they are starting to get curious and asking when we shall return!

The first workshop of the New Program was held in Lithuania in March 2021 and the next starts in August on 11-15th, 2022. In Hungary, the New Program will be introduced by Zsofi Szabo in the autumn of 2022.                     With much love and many blessings to all involved!


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