The Ancient Source of the Sacred Knowledge:

The STAR People of Pleiades and the Lemurians of the Pacific

Once upon a time … so the story goes: By a pathway of light, they came from the Stars of Matariki, the cluster of stars known to most as the Pleiades. They came to the legendary Continent of Mu or Lemuria. They came to find peace and a new home on Earth. They took on human form and became known amongst the Mu people as Te Iwi O Mana Huna, the People of the Secret Power. In Maori, they were referred to as ‘Nga tangata puhurunei’, the ‘hairy humans’. Indeed, they were a people of remarkable psychic powers and of advanced spiritual technology. They shared their Sacred Knowledge with the Mu and demonstrated their ability to use energy and thought to align and harmonise the human body, mind and spirit. By using a form of bodywork, the Mu and later the Polynesians developed this knowledge into an alignment system to harmonise a person’s inner realm with the greater, outer Universe. Through this process, chaos and turmoil was brought forth from the darkness of the inner Being by the magic of chant, touch, dance and rhythm. Changes then started to take place within the body and the mind, within the emotions and the soul. And pathways of Destiny began to unfold. Then suddenly, in a moment of total exaltation, an overpowering sense of knowing would surface and healing energies burst through to transform and align body and mind with Destiny and Dreams. ‘Tihei Mauri Ora’ – Behold the Breath of Life!

MA-URI offers you a doorway to this ancient process!


It is through ancestral and spiritual channels that this ancient and Sacred Knowledge has been accessed and developed into the MA-URI Healing Arts and into MA-URI principles for the enhancement and expansion of personal freedom.

MA-URI is a modern development of an ancient medium. It has its roots in both Maori tohunga and Hawaiian kahuna traditions, which provide simple yet powerful principles concerned with the development of mastery within every aspect of one’s life. In its approach to life, MA-URI follows Polynesian Navigator traditions and offers the tools and pathways for self-empowerment and self-healing to take place. It provides the principles and ignites the passion within us towards fulfilling our purpose in life and a commitment towards making a positive difference in our world.


‘Grandfather, tell us more about the Dream.’ The old one took in the group, studied each face as if for the first time and asked, ‘Do you see the trail that brings you to this moment?’ No one spoke. He continued, ‘Pause and look within. Stretch your mind and heart and see beyond the threads and separate colours to the greater weave. Find your Excitement. I say again, Find your Excitement and follow it. Honour only that which gives you Joy and brings Energy and Purpose into your life. Then you walk the truth of who you are. Then you walk the Magic and the Dream.’

‘You are called to carry the old things forward in a new way, invited to dance this trail with love and laughter and sing the harmonies of the Universe. That is your Power and the Dream’, he whispered.
Barry Brailsford, Song of the Circle, p.79.

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